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Prenatal Chiropractic at The Well Family Chiropractic

Pregnant woman smiling at her belly

Your baby deserves the best—and so do you. Prenatal care keeps your body in optimal alignment and helps your nervous system function at 100%, so every other part of your body can do its job properly. As a result, you’ll feel better, with fewer aches and pains, and your baby will have a better environment to develop and move around. By choosing regular care, you’re also setting your body up for a smoother and more efficient delivery, with a reduced risk of interventions.

Our Precise and Comfortable Adjustments

Chiropractic care is safe throughout pregnancy and can lead to better health, as well as improved birth outcomes. At The Well Family Chiropractic, we help you improve the communication between your brain and your body, as well as your nervous system regulation.

Getting a little extra support is essential when building an entirely new human inside. Adjustments help ensure optimal alignment both for delivery and for the baby in utero. Without any nerve interference, your brain can send clearer signals to the uterus and the baby during delivery, preparing your little one for a smoother and gentler transition.

Make Pregnancy Everything You Dreamed

We love helping women experience less stressful and more pleasant pregnancies. In general, we recommend coming in weekly throughout most of pregnancy, and increasing to twice a week in the third trimester, as your body prepares for labor.

Dr. Crystal is certified in the Webster Technique, which optimizes cervical alignment for comfort of both mom and baby. We also use the gentle and specific Torque Release Technique, which we personalize to whatever you have going on right now.

One practice member who had already had two kids always dreamed of having a home birth. Complications in both of her previous births had sent her to the hospital, one time for a C-section. She started seeing us at 20 weeks and continued with regular care, before finally having the uninterrupted, unassisted home birth she’d always imagined.

Get Your Glow Back Today

Let’s make this a season of celebrating, not suffering. Book now.

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