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Nutrition Response Testing at The Well Family Chiropractic

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We offer nutrition response testing at The Well Family Chiropractic to help you reclaim health from any toxins or deficiencies that have been holding you back.

Our precise muscle testing determines which systems in your body are lacking either energy or coordination. Most symptoms and conditions are the result of either toxicities or deficiencies. By using careful testing to figure out what you’re lacking or what you’re reacting to, we give you the tools you need to remove unhealthy toxins and bring your body back to a state of self-healing.

A Cleaner Approach to Holistic Health

Chemical stress is one of the leading causes of subluxations, or stress in the nervous system. When you eliminate the chemical stressors caused by toxins and deficiencies, you improve your nervous system’s overall functioning and ability to adapt to stress.

While anyone can benefit from this service, it’s particularly important for practice members who would like to improve their nutritional health. Dr. Crystal can even do indirect testing for babies through the parent. We often do hair and saliva testing to check for food sensitivities, environmental toxicity, and hormonal imbalances.

What to Expect

Before your initial consultation, we’ll email you paperwork to fill out online. Please get this done in advance so we have a chance to review your information. Dr. Crystal will then sit down with you to go through your history, do muscle testing, and make specific nutrient recommendations.

Standard Process

Ancient Nutrition

Trace Miinerals

Once we’ve identified your body’s unique blueprint, we’ll talk with you about what your body is lacking and whether you need any additional supplementation to give your body what it needs to heal and repair.

Our office provides supplements from Standard Process, Xymogen, Trace Minerals Research, and Ancient Nutrition. We choose clean, food-based products that are highly absorbable so you can easily digest them and maximize your nutritional benefit.

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