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About The Well Family Chiropractic

Dr. Crystal Emard with toddler and mother

We’d rather prevent pain than wait to respond until it has already started dimming your light. Our vision is to give every man, woman, and child the opportunity to see chiropractic care as a first response, not a last resort. Natural wellness care is about staying healthy, instead of yo-yoing back and forth between sickness, dysfunction, injury, and long recovery times.

You’re in the Right Place

Practice members love our fun, encouraging atmosphere, where we keep care positive and lighthearted. We’re driven by honesty and integrity, and we value your health freedom, so you can make your own decisions without feeling trapped by your physical health or your body.

One nonverbal toddler made a 180 due to our care. Instead of crying every time we see her, she’s now communicating, sleeping through the night, and radiant with smiles and high fives. Better yet, her mom finally feels hope, as she realizes that chiropractic isn’t just about getting out of pain—it’s about totally redefining your life.

Making Your Health Dreams a Reality

Dr. Crystal Emard is a walking testimony to the power of chiropractic. As a second generation chiropractor, she received her first adjustment from her dad when she was one hour old, and she’s never been to a medical doctor besides giving birth to her baby. Her entire life, chiropractic has been her family’s first response, and she has enjoyed greater health because of it.

She founded The Well Family Chiropractic so she can share that same wellness with others. We’ve recently relocated to be closer to Dr. Crystal’s home in Santa Clarita, because she loves bringing a neighborhood feel into her work. We’re proud to be part of a multidisciplinary health building, where you can take advantage of acupuncture, cryotherapy, and red light therapy, getting all your holistic health needs met in our one-stop location.

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