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New Practice Members at The Well Family Chiropractic

Preparing for Your First Appointment

We will email you some intake forms ahead of time. The paperwork process is super easy, as you can fill out your information online and send it back to us instead of having to print or scan anything. Come wearing anything you’d like! We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed.

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Your First Appointment

As soon as you walk in, our front desk staff will greet you and give you an office tour so you feel at home right away. Since we’ve already had the chance to look over your paperwork, you can head straight back to the exam and consultation room to get started.

Dr. Crystal will meet with you for a quick consultation, so she can understand your needs and goals more in-depth. From there, we’ll do an INSiGHT scan to get a closer look at what’s going on inside your body and nervous system. This detailed neurological report helps us design an individualized plan of care to meet your exact needs, and it’s safe for everyone, including kids.

Some practice members will receive an adjustment that same day, but we’re fine with waiting until your next appointment if that makes life easier. We won’t send you home in pain, especially if you’ve been waiting for an appointment. If, on the other hand, your kids are at the end of their rope and it’s something that can wait, we might start care at your second visit.

This appointment takes 30 minutes.

Your Second Appointment

During this visit, we’ll go over our complete report of findings, including your scan results and our recommended plan of care. You will receive an adjustment at this appointment.

Our financial coordinator or front desk staff will cover your financial options before you leave. We keep our fees affordable, with family plans and extended care options. We accept HSAs and all major credit cards. This second visit takes 20-30 minutes.

Choose Better Health Today

It’s never felt better to pursue total wellness. Schedule your visit now.

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