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Meet Dr. Crystal Emard

Dr. Crystal

Helping You Heal From the Inside Out

If there’s one thing Dr. Crystal Emard loves about her job, it’s changing people’s lives by giving them the power to change themselves. Her holistic approach combines chiropractic adjustments with nutrition counseling, stress management, and lifestyle coaching, so you know exactly how to make better decisions for long-term thriving.

Dr. Crystal believes that our bodies have more power to heal than most people ever realize. By helping practice members tap into that belief, she inspires them to turn their lives and their health around.

Medications and interventions simply aren’t working. Now more than ever, people need to find better answers that actually help. Everything Dr. Crystal does is about connecting practice members to the truth about health, so they can achieve their health goals.

A Legacy of Wellness

Natural health care runs in Dr. Crystal’s blood. There are over 26 chiropractors in her extended family. After her dad chose chiropractic, several of his cousins followed his example. They married chiropractors, and their kids grew up to be chiropractors!

As a teen, Dr. Crystal took natural health care for granted and never gave it a second thought. It wasn’t until she lived away from chiropractic care in Europe at the age of 19 that she realized she’d been raised with an entirely different philosophy surrounding health. Now that she understood the difference natural health care makes, Dr. Crystal wanted to share a cleaner approach to health with her community and her own future family.

A Commitment to Whole-Life Wellness

Dr. Crystal graduated with her Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University in Atlanta in 2001. Her practice members know that she is knowledgeable and confident, with a calm and happy approach to life.

When she’s not at the office, you can find Dr. Crystal at the beach or on a patio somewhere. She loves reading, going on hikes, and brunch. Her twin daughters are 19, and her son is 14.

Prioritize Your Health Today

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