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Pediatric Chiropractic at The Well Family Chiropractic

Dr. Crystal Emard adjusting an infant

Raising healthy kids is easier than fixing sick adults. Our pediatric care at The Well Family Chiropractic helps infants and children with anything from colic, constipation, and poor sleep habits all the way to ADD and sensory disorders. We help kids grow with optimal functioning by teaching their nervous system to remain calm and healthy. As their bodies learn to bounce back from a stressed state, kids don’t just heal—they flourish.

Our Low-Force, Specific Approach

During your child’s first appointment, we’ll run an extremely safe INSiGHT scan. Your child’s personalized plan of care may include neurological tonal adjustments using the Integrator™ or manual adjustments.


Neurological tonal adjustments achieve nerve and muscle release by applying the same amount of pressure you would use to check the ripeness of an avocado to specific contact points. We achieve great results with a fast, comfortable technique that doesn’t give kids any problems.

Whole-Body Health and Happiness

Dr. Crystal walks kids through everything we’re going to do in advance, so they know what to expect. Kids love feeling the adjusting tool on their fingers or using it to flick Dr. Crystal’s hand. If your child is nervous, we might ask you to sit on the table together or have a small child lie down on top of a parent. We can also start with one area of the spine to build trust over time.

Children whose nervous systems aren’t functioning properly often experience whole-body issues instead of pain. Our care helps babies sleep and latch better, making breastfeeding more comfortable and doable so moms don’t give up.

One 6-year-old had head-to-toe eczema and itchy, watery eyes when we first saw him, but now he’s happily running around with completely clear skin. Another child had headaches, and car rides gave him back pain. Now he’s 100% pain free, and his family takes more camping trips because they know he won’t be crying in the car!

Invest in Your Child’s Health Today

We love watching both kids and parents smile wider. Book now.

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